Why soldiers fought

Many soldiers were not necessarily driven by the cause of liberty why the patriots really fought more the british won the battle of bunker hill but suffered their greatest losses of the war. Ironically, the majority of blacks who became confederate soldiers did so not at the end of the war, when the confederacy offered freedom to slaves who fought, but at the beginning of the war. Historians agree that most union army soldiers, no matter what their national origin, fought to restore the unity of the united states, but emphasize that: they became convinced that this goal was unattainable without striking against slavery.

why soldiers fought Many soldiers who have endured combat feel a combination of pride and remorse they are deservedly proud for having stood their ground and survived the absolute worst experience that life can throw in your face they fought for their buddies despite their fear and somehow came through still, at day.

The wars of the roses: who fought and why albert makinson | published in history today volume 9 issue 9 september 1959 despite the obvious interest aroused by battle, murder and sudden death, the wars of the roses have been astonishingly neglected by modern historians, and even by the more recent historical novelists. The union army fought and eventually defeated the confederate states army during the war about 360,000 union soldiers died from all causes and some 280,000 were wounded . While these may indeed be lofty sentiments, i hardly think these “reasons” were shared by southern soldiers (who fought with equal vigor), and therefore they do not provide insight as to why soldiers fight whatever side, country, tribe etc they may be on.

Lastly, a soldier fought for the man sitting right next to him, for the others in his platoon, for his buddies these were the only people who understood the experience as he did, and in a foreign land where most of the enemy looked like common people, having a friend meant a great deal. Military & veterans why we fought & why we would do it again september 2003 by james webb, the american legion magazine against a backdrop of political mismanagement and social angst, history has failed to respect those who gave their all to the war in vietnam. British troops prosecuted for alleged abuses in iraq and afghanistan face having their pay docked by the ministry of defence to cover their legal costs, the daily telegraph has learnt. Why did so many men keep fighting it is remarkable how few soldiers refused to fight in the first world war mutinies were rare, with millions winning their personal battles of endurance. Why soldiers fought essay - when looking back at a war as controversial as america's involvement in vietnam, it is difficult to understand why soldiers would choose to fight and why they kept fighting for so long.

Buy a cheap copy of for cause and comrades: why men fought book by james m mcpherson consider a war in which 25,000 soldiers are killed or wounded in a single battle, as they were at gettysburg, or 16,000 in a single day, as at antietam. Short essay #3 hist 145, spring 2013 in what they fought for, james mcpherson draws on the letters of soldiers to make an argument about what motivated them to fight during the civil warin this short paper, i would like you to make your own argument about why soldiers fought in a 750-850 word essay, use the letters of one or more soldiers to demonstrate why soldiers fought. Approximately 13 million indian soldiers served in world war one, and over 74,000 of them lost their lives but history has mostly forgotten these sacrifices, which were rewarded with broken.

The british soldiers who fought for germany in the world wars not all british soldiers fought for their home cause in the two world wars of the 20th century here, jem duducu explores the ways in which german forces sought to exploit unrest in both conflicts, and shares the varied stories of men from around the british empire who joined the. Union soldiers fought to preserve the union the common confederate fought to defend his home later in the war, increasing numbers of federal soldiers fought to abolish slavery, if for no other reason than to end the war quickly. “encyclopedic in scope, why stalin’s soldiers fought solidifies reese’s reputation as one of the foremost scholars on the social history of the red army in both peace and war comprehensive, thoughtful, and perceptive, it will likely stand as a classic in its genre for years to come”. In “why men fought in the american revolution,” middlekauff makes the argument that the american soldiers fought because their beliefs were reflected through their fighting he shows that soldiers used their relationships to endure the fighting, felt a sense of responsibility to their family and to their country, and shows the false. Inept leadership, inefficient campaigning, and enormous losses would seem to spell military disaster yet despite these factors, the soviet union won its war against nazi germany thanks to what roger reese calls its military effectiveness: its ability to put troops in the field even after previous forces had been decimated.

Why soldiers fought

Why stalin's soldiers fought: the red army's effectiveness in world war ii (review) robert w thurston journal of interdisciplinary history, volume 43, number 2, autumn 2012, pp 318-319 (review) published by the mit press for additional information about this article. Volunteers in blue and gray: why they fought britannica editors - july 20, 2011 basing many of his observations on the diaries and wartime letters of the soldiers themselves the motivation of soldiers in the civil war is a subject that has long intrigued me. The civil war: why they fought: on april 12, 2011, the 150th anniversary of the battle of fort sumter, historian james m mcpherson presented in charleston, sc, a slightly longer version of this lecture on civil war soldiers it was the last lecture in a series (april 8–12, 2011) called “why they fought: reflections on the. These soldiers wanted to articulate to families back home their understandings of war and why they fought the record they left behind is intimate, personal, and private—authentic mcpherson came to feel he genuinely knew many civil war soldiers better than most of his living acquaintances.

  • World war ii (wwii or ww2), also called the second world war and, in the soviet union, the great patriotic war, was a global war involving fighting in many parts of the world and many countries most countries fought 1939–1945 but some started fighting in 1937.
  • Five thousand irish soldiers who swapped uniforms to fight for the british against hitler went on to suffer years of persecution one of them, 92-year-old phil farrington, took part in the d-day.
  • Why stalin's soldiers fought makes an excellent contribution to the literature about the soviet people's response to world war ii and stalinism simplistic notions about glorious patriotism or pervasive disloyalty are unhelpful.

Wwi was fought differently than any other war in history the german soldiers lived in the trenches they ate, slept and died in the trenches if your head went above the trench, you would get. For cause and comrades: why men fought in the civil war is a book by pulitzer prize-winning author james m mcpherson the book was published by oxford university press in 1997 and covers the lives and ideals of american civil war soldiers from both sides of the war. Why federal soldiers fought “my grandfather fought and risked his life to bequeath to his posteritythe glorious institutions [now threatened by] this infernal rebellionit is not for you and i, or us and our dear little ones, alone, that i was and am willing to risk the fortunes of the. Two prime examples of analysis of the motivations of civil war soldiers are embattled courage: the experience of combat in the american civil war by gerald f linderman and for cause and comrades: why men fought in the civil war by james m.

why soldiers fought Many soldiers who have endured combat feel a combination of pride and remorse they are deservedly proud for having stood their ground and survived the absolute worst experience that life can throw in your face they fought for their buddies despite their fear and somehow came through still, at day.
Why soldiers fought
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